Text Editor Pro for Windows.

File Description
TextEditorPro32.7z 32-bit 7-Zip package
TextEditorPro32.zip 32-bit ZIP package
TextEditorPro32.exe 32-bit EXE installer
TextEditorPro32.msi 32-bit MSI installer
TextEditorPro64.7z 64-bit 7-Zip package
TextEditorPro64.zip 64-bit ZIP package
TextEditorPro64.exe 64-bit EXE installer
TextEditorPro64.msi 64-bit MSI installer
Languages The latest language files

SQL Formatter

Download SQL formatter package, extract package into Text Editor Pro’s root directory and SQL formatter and its options are available.

File Description
SQLFormatter32.zip 32-bit SQL formatter
SQLFormatter64.zip 64-bit SQL formatter

Note! SQL formatter will appear when the file highlighter is SQL.

Spell checker

Upcoming feature.