Is this just a copy of EditBone?

EditBone was re-branded to Text Editor Pro. I am the author of both editors. The last version of EditBone was 12.17.4 (February 19, 2017).

What happened to bonecode?

The company’s operations ended on December 31, 2011. When I could no longer defend the brand, I abandoned it. I emphasize that I have nothing to do with the brand anymore.

Is Text Editor Pro open-source?

No, it is not. However potential employers may require a part of the source code to see the quality of the code.

What programming language you are using?


What editor control you are using? Can I get it?

It is currently my own TTextEditor control which is refactored and optimized version of my former open-source TBCEditor control. The TTextEditor control is not open-source. You can find a fork of my former control from github but DO NOT expect me to fix it for you. I don’t use github but unfuddle.

How to save INI files into application path?

Use -appinipath application parameter. If you don’t want to use INI at all, use -noini application parameter.

When is the next release?

This is a complete hobby project, so releases are generated occasionally depending on how much time is available. I use the editor myself every day and of course I want it to be the best editor available. If something is irritating even a little, it will be fixed asap. Feedback also affects release density.

Is there multi-caret editing?

Yes. Use ctrl + click to set multiple carets or ctrl + shift + click to set multiple carets in multiple locations at once. Multiple carets must be enabled (Options > Editor > Caret > Multiple carets).

How to compare two files?

Use Tools > Text compare or select a file for text compare from tab menu. This feature was added in version 1.7.0.

What icon set you are using?

Most of them are from FatCow Free Web Icons ( and some of them I have done by myself.

Are you available for hire?

Sure, within a month notice period I am available anywhere on Earth. You can find my profile from LinkedIn. I don’t waste my time in other social networking systems.

How to open a web link in a text file?

Use ctrl + click to open the link.

How can I get rid off the right margin?

Uncheck Tools > Options > Editor > Right margin > Visible.

How to show line numbers in every line?

Uncheck Tools > Options > Editor > Left margin > Line numbers > Show in tens.

How to stop loading files at startup?

Uncheck Tools > Options > Editor > Tabs > Save tabs.

How to enable multiple instances?

Check allow multiple instances application option (requires use of INI file) or use -mi application parameter (works without INI file).