Version 9.0.0 (March 28, 2021)

- Added cancel for document, source, and data pump progress
- Added color for connection
- Added find for blob text editor
- Fixed data pump
- Fixed grid control
- Fixed large file loading and saving
- Fixed options
- Fixed progress bar dialog
- Fixed replace
- Fixed SQL editor
- Fixed table and view data SQL export
- Fixed text editor control
- Fixed z ordering issues
- Updated and fixed AlphaControls v16.02 -
- Updated Delphi and C++ Builder 10.4 Update 2 -
- Updated FastMM5 memory manager v5.03 -
- Updated and fixed IBDAC v7.4.1 -

Note! This product is always completely FREE for you. See the license.

Many thanks and bows to the donors and sponsors, without you this would not be possible.