Is this just a copy of EditBone?

EditBone was re-branded to Text Editor Pro. I am the author of both editors. The last version of EditBone was 12.17.4 (February 19, 2017).

What happened to bonecode?

The company’s operations ended on December 31, 2011. When the brand was exploited and I could no longer defend it, I abandoned it. I emphasize that I have absolutely nothing to do with the brand anymore.

What programming language you are using?


Is Text Editor Pro open-source?

Partly yes. You can find shared code from github:

I could share all source code but no one could compile a working program because hundreds of fixes, optimizations, and changes have been made to third-party components and controls. Third-party licenses prohibit source code sharing.

What editor control you are using? Can I get it?

It is my own TTextEditor control. The code is now shared:

Is there FMX version of TTextEditor control coming?

The FMX version has been implemented but will not be shared, at least not yet. The quality level is not satisfying and some features are dropped. FMX is slow, inefficient, and lacks the depth of functionality.

Framework Neutral Components (FNC) is interesting alternative to FMX and promises to fix previously mentioned issues. It requires a license but there is a partnership program that could cover the cost.

Why the program isn’t digitally signed?

The only reason is money. Digital signing of the program would incur significant costs each year. Without a company business ID as a private person you need to consult a lawyer to get a notary stamp which incurs additional costs. Programs do not generate so much money that it would make sense to pay for something that has no tangible benefit.

Is the editor portable?

Yes, it is. Download zip package and use -appinipath application parameter (once). After INI files are copied into application path the use of -appinipath application parameter is not required.

Why the default theme is dark?

I am a professional software engineer and I spend 8-16 hours in front of the screen every day. I used to suffer from huge headaches but when I started using dark themes in everything, the trouble completely disappeared. I have my own cow in the ditch here but I feel so relieved that for that reason the default theme is dark.

I understand well (there are quite many options) that everyone has their own preferences. Changing the skin and editor theme is simple. See Tools > Options > Editor > Defaults > Color theme and Tools > Options > Skin.

How to save INI files into application path?

Use -appinipath application parameter. If you don’t want to use INI at all, use -noini application parameter.

When is the next release?

This is a complete hobby project, so releases are generated occasionally depending on how much time is available. I use the editor myself every day and of course I want it to be the best editor available. If something is irritating even a little, it will be fixed asap. Feedback also affects release density.

Is there multi-caret editing?

Yes. Use ctrl + click to set multiple carets or ctrl + shift + click to set multiple carets in multiple locations at once. Multiple carets must be enabled (Tools > Options > Editor > Caret > Multiple carets).

How to compare two files?

Use Tools > Text compare or select a file for text compare from tab menu. This feature was added in version 1.7.0.

What icon set you are using?

Most of them are from FatCow Free Web Icons ( and some of them I have done by myself.

Are you available for hire?

At the moment I am listening to suggestions, I am free to move anywhere. You can find my profile in LinkedIn.

How to open a web link in a text file?

Use ctrl + click to open the link.

How can I get rid off the right margin?

Uncheck Tools > Options > Editor > Right margin > Visible.

How to show line numbers in every line?

Uncheck Tools > Options > Editor > Left margin > Line numbers > Show in tens.

How to stop loading files at startup?

Uncheck Tools > Options > Editor > Tabs > Save tabs.

How to enable multiple instances?

Check Tools > Options > Application > Allow multiple instances (requires use of INI file) or use -mi application parameter (works without INI file).

How to format JSON, SQL, and XML files?

Select the highlighter for JSON, SQL, or XML. Formatter will appear into menus. There are also options to show formatters always.

How to replace tabs with \t?

Open replace dialog and select Extended search engine. Search for \t and replace with \\t.